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В България влиза нова МЛМ компания с топ продукт

Всички общи теми за мрежов маркетинг, които не са намерили място по другите форуми.

В България влиза нова МЛМ компания с топ продукт

Мнениеот Kerstin » Съб Дек 19, 2015 4:24 pm


as sam nemkinia i tarsia tuk lideri za egna inovativna nova kompania, startira na 1.10.15 v Germania, Polsha, Rumania i Bulgaria.

V Russia ima veche partniori, k/o specheliat nad 60000$ na mesets i tova sled 2 godini.

LifePharm Global Network се отличава с уникални продукти и лидерство директно от хората и за хората.

които са подобрили живота и щастието на десетки хиляди хора навсякъде по света

който ви възнаграждава, когато споделяте с други

който да ви помогне да управлявате вашия бизнес денонощно, седем дни в седмицата, през цялата година

които ви екипират за лесно и професионално презентиране на продукта и на възможността

Marketingplan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5RB479LOPw

Marketingplan e naj-dobriat v poslednite 20 godini.

V internet se namirat 1000e istorii ot hora s dobri zdravni opiti.

Vie nishto prodavate, samo predlagate tie produkte na drugi.

Първоначално назначаване е около $ 100, след това месечна само 28$.

Oshte niama saitovi na vash ezik, no shte dojdat!

V Germania novite partniori specheliat sled start v oktomvri veche 100-1000$ sedmihno!

Ako niakoj ot vas ima interes, molia da mi pihesh na Email: flp-lehmann@web.de

Vednaga shte ti izprashtam prezentazii na ruskij ili angliski ili nemski.

Защо са патентовани продукти?!
Те съдържат FGF2 фактор , фибробластен растежен фактор, който се подновява клетките.

Готови ли сте да се присъединят към мен в този бизнес?!

Ще ти помогна ;-)

sorry, no me lipsva bulgarska tastatura

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Re: В България влиза нова МЛМ компания с топ продукт

Мнениеот Kerstin » Пон Дек 28, 2015 7:33 am

Opportunity Endorsements
LifePharm Global Network Independent Business Owners come from all walks of life and represent a large range of ages. Whether you want to make a lifetime career or money to supplement your income, we want to help you succeed. See what the LPGN lifestyle is all about.

“With LifePharm Global, I found a company with phenomenal products and an equally phenomenal business that brings health and financial independence. My goal is to become a Royal Diamond Director by creating a multi-million dollar organization of healthy and prosperous people who benefit from Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++.”
Kamka M., USA

"I try to make the best of the LifePharm Global Business Opportunity. I travel around the world to inform people about the benefits of the products and how sharing creates a business network. When I come to each country and town, I hold friendly meetings with my contacts, who, in turn, bring their friends. People love to hear something important face to face, and credibility increases when they see results with their own eyes. My goal is to inform everybody everywhere about these wonderful products and the business opportunity."
Tatiana G., USA

"I love my team and believe you should always set an example for others. I joined LPGN in February 2013 and by November 2013 I was a Platinum Director! My team already has more than 10 Silver Directors, Gold Directors, and even a Platinum Director! In the future, I plan to continue to grow and advance my team on the global LPGN stage."
Rashid T., USA
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Re: В България влиза нова МЛМ компания с топ продукт

Мнениеот Kerstin » Пон Дек 28, 2015 7:36 am

Laminine & Laminine OMEGA+++ Endorsements
Good health is the foundation for success in every aspect of life. Without it, we really cannot do our best. With Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++ people around the world have experienced the start to the best years of their lives.

“I started taking Laminine in 2011 because of severe discomfort in my left knee. Within a couple of weeks, I was no longer having knee trouble. I had an eye doctor check my vision and it had improved! She couldn’t believe it. I now play golf a couple of times a week and feel no knee discomfort. My annual physical was perfect. I am now taking three Laminine capsules a day and just celebrated my 74th birthday in April 2014. Life is good and my eWallet pays for everything!”
Steve P., USA

“For years I had problems sleeping. Since taking Laminine, I have had the best sleep in years. I also noticed better vision and more energy. As a homeopath, I now share Laminine with others.”
Vicky M., USA

"I’d been taking Laminine OMEGA+++ for a month and decided to check on the status of my cardiovascular and circulatory system. All tests came back with positive results—the “age” of my vascular system came back as 48 when in fact I’m 64! I was really stunned and delighted!"
Galina A., USA

“My father in law was 66 years old when we first gave him Laminine. After just three and a half months of taking four Laminine capsules a day, the result was fantastic. His blood pressure dropped, as did his cholesterol, and he lost weight. He had more energy and he was happier. Both my husband and I noticed he looked so much better and was full of life. My father-in-law is forever grateful. Thank you, LifePharm Global Network.”
Elizabeth D., Australia


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